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Interventional & Vascular Care (IVC) provides minimally invasive image-guided procedures (MIIPs) to patients in the Dallas metroplex. Specializing in peripheral artery disease, venous insufficiency, uterine fibroids, and other conditions.

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Vascular Specialist Dallas Texas

Healing debilitating vascular conditions

with minimally invasive image-guided procedures.

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Common Signs of Vascular Disease

 You may have obvious visual signs of vascular disease, such as bulging varicose veins, swollen legs, discolored skin, or ulcers. These symptoms tend to worsen over time and become more apparent as vascular disease progresses. In other cases, vascular disease may be completely hidden and require vascular imaging techniques to detect.


The pain patterns of vascular disease can vary. Individuals with venous insufficiency often experience night cramps, aching, and restless legs; whereas those with peripheral artery disease are more likely to experience cramping pain after walking long distances or during vigorous exercise.

Varicose Veins

Bulging varicose veins develop on the surface of the leg


The leg becomes swollen and heavy

Discolored Skin

Leg or foot skin can whiten, take on a red-brown color, or blacken

Leg Pain

Cramping, aching soreness, burning, or restless legs


Leg pain after walking some distance or during vigorous exercise


Sores open up on the surface of the leg or foot, and are difficult to heal

Are you living with vascular disease? Don't wait for it to get worse!

The Vascular Specialists at Interventional and Vascular Care in Dallas, TX are here to help.

Get a diagnoses. Get treated. Schedule your visit today!

Minimally Invasive Image-Guided Vascular Procedures

Minimally invasive image-guided procedures (MIIPs) are non-surgical treatments that specially trained doctors use to treat a variety of diseases throughout the body, including peripheral artery disease and venous insufficiency.


Unlike surgery, which requires cutting to remove or repair parts of the body, MIIPs are performed using small needles, tubes, and wires to deliver targeted therapy right where the body needs it.

Artery Revascularization

A blocked artery is opened up with a minimally invasive medical device.

Vein Closure

A minimally invasive medical device is used to close down diseased veins.

What Our Patients Say

From the moment I setup the initial appointment to speak with Dr. Fritts, to after my final procedure, the entire staff was phenomenal. I have been to many specialists, for many reasons, and Dr. Fritts and his staff truly stand out. They understood the nature and complexity of my case and I was very at ease with our conversations as well as the "plan of attack." At no point did I feel like a number. No question was silly or stupid, and my complex case was never undermined. I highly recommend Dr. Fritts and his staff of experts.

Erin in Dallas, TX

"Very compassionate! During a Doppler, I had an abnormality. The tech went and got him and he stayed with us and explained what was going on! He knew his field and reported correctly to the ordering physician. If you need this service please use Dr Fritts!"

Ashley in Allen, TX

"Dr. Fritts performed a bone biopsy on me last week and carefully explained his rationale for where & how to take the biopsy. He gave me all the time I needed to understand & feel comfortable with the procedure. I am extremely grateful for his caring, gentle and highly competent care in a situation that has felt frightening and anonymous. He has a healer’s way about him. Highest recommendation."

Rod in Dallas, TX

Vascular Specialists in North Dallas

We're conveniently located in North Dallas on Hillcrest Road just off of 635. Our outpatient practice is fully-equipped to diagnose, image, and treat vascular conditions.

12840 Hillcrest Rd Unit E104

Dallas, TX 75230


The Minimally Invasive Advantage

Targeted Therapy

Imaging techniques allow us to deliver targeted therapy with minimal side effects

Incision Free

Minimally invasive means no major incisions and less procedural trauma

Faster Recovery

Less procedural trauma means that you can get back to your life sooner

No Hospital Stay

Most minimally invasive image-guided procedures are outpatient


Compassionate, Patient-Centered Care

Interventional & Vascular Specialist in Dallas, TX

Dr. Aaron Fritts completed his fellowship in vascular and interventional radiology in 2013, and has performed thousands of minimally invasive image-guided procedures throughout various vascular systems of the body. By way of rigorous training and hands-on experience, Dr. Fritts is well-versed in vascular disease and endovascular procedures, and has found passion in providing minimally invasive treatment to individuals suffering from arterial and venous disease.

Comprehensive Vascular Care

Our Vascular Specialists are dedicated to healing debilitating circulatory diseases. We specialize in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of peripheral artery disease and venous insufficiency.

Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency develops when healthy blood flow is impaired in the veins of the legs. Vein disease is usually recognized by visible varicose veins or spider veins, but serious leg pain, swelling, and skin changes can develop as venous insufficiency progresses into its later stages.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a condition in which blockages develop in the major arteries of the limbs, usually in the legs.  PAD causes a number of challenging symptoms like pain when exercising, leg discomfort, and difficult-to-heal sores on the foot or the ankle in severe cases.